Prayer Requests

Among those who are ill, we pray especially for:

Cameron Coetzee, Rita Hansen, Roly Anderson & Bee Gray.


INTERCESSIONS ~ Please pray for:

  • Monday: Pray for anyone you know who is suffering from HIV Aids. Also, pray for those who care for the terminally ill.

  • Tuesday: Pray for teachers – especially christian teachers – may their guidance have a life-changing effect on their pupils.

  • Wednesday: Pray for all drivers – that they would drive safely and ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy at all times.

  • Thursday: Pray for the unemployed, that they might find fulfilling work. Give thanks for those who create jobs in their “self-employed” enterprises.

  • Friday: Pray for all in authority in South Africa; in Government, in the Church, in Management positions etc.

  • Saturday: Pray for anyone on your heart who has not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

  • Sunday: Pray for all who worship at St. Thomas’ today. May we be strengthened to go out into the world “in peace, to love and serve the Lord.”