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Prayer Requests

Among those who are ill, we pray especially for:

Irene Somasundram, Sheila Neale-May, Cameron Coetzee, Susan Hulme, Derek Rout, Rita Hansen, Lyn Wade, Jenny Pautz, Joan MacLachlan, Lily Sanders & Valerie Stone.

INTERCESSIONS ~ Please pray for:

  • Monday: Pray for all those who suffered loss, especially of loved ones, but also of property and possessions, in the recent Gulf hurricane, Irma.

  • Tuesday: Pray for an increase in giving in our church, as we are in a very bad way, financially.

  • Wednesday: Pray for all who attend the Wednesday services, that the Lord may touch their lives.

  • Thursday: Pray, as we remember St. Matthew today, for the Jewish people, to whom he particularly wrote his gospel. Pray, as you feel moved, for their continued resistance to accepting Jesus as the Son of God, and for the conflict with Palestine.

  • Friday: Pray for all those on our pew leaflet, and others known to you, who are not well.

  • Saturday: Pray for all who are preparing for tomorrow’s services, that those services might glorify the name of God.

  • Sunday: Pray that each of us will learn to use less of the Earth’s resources, especially water and electricity, and that we will all recycle more responsibly.