Prayer Requests

Among those who are ill, we pray especially for:

Molly Murphy, Joan Houseman, Jane Naidoo, Lily Saunders, Colin Silcock, Cameron Coetzee, Loela Slade, Patricia Rudden, Bruce White, Ranial Siva, Thandeka Dlamini, Rae & Justin Caro, Maureen Cleaver, & June Morrow.


INTERCESSIONS ~ Please pray for:

  • Monday: Pray against senseless violence.

  • Tuesday: Pray that South Africa will turn back to God.

  • Wednesday: Pray against corruption at all levels.

  • Thursday: Pray against gender (and age) based violence.

  • Friday: Pray against self-centredness and selfishness.

  • Saturday: Pray for an increase in love.

  • Sunday: Pray that God may be glorified in ALL we do.