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Prayer Requests

Among those who are ill, we pray especially for:

Dulcie Anderson, Irene Somasundram, Norman Delgado, Cameron Coetzee, Jenny Bowler, Maureen Cleaver, Bruce White, Jenny Pautz, Susan Hulme, Derek Rout, Colin Silcock, Noel Lambert, Rita Hansen, Valerie Stone & Robin Pearce.

INTERCESSIONS ~ Please pray for:

  • Monday: Pray for the finances of St. Thomas’, that parishioners will continue to contribute as generously as they can.

  • Tuesday: Pray for the leadership of St. Thomas’ – our clergy, wardens, task team leaders, home group leaders etc.

  • Wednesday: Pray for all who are not “free” – e.g. prisoners, the abused, hospital patients, the housebound.

  • Thursday: Pray that we will find ways to become more visible as Christians and as the Church.

  • Friday: Pray that we may lead by example and make a difference in the lives of individuals we know and in the community.

  • Saturday: Pray for our Tea Garden and its leadership as they serve our Lord there. May all who attend today find fellowship and peace.

  • Sunday: Pray that our parish will experience revival through the Holy Spirit and grow spiritually and numerically.