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Prayer Requests

Among those who are ill, we pray especially for:

Dulcie Anderson, Irene Somasundram, Pat Charlton, Norman Delgado, Cameron Coetzee, Jenny Bowler, Merle Price, Bruce White, Jenny Pautz, Susan Hulme, Edgar Whitefield, Derek Rout, Colin Silcock, Noel Lambert, Colin Armstrong, John Antony & Guy Dottridge.

INTERCESSIONS ~ Please pray for:

  • Monday: for women physically or mentally abused by their husbands.

  • Tuesday: for children growing up in orphanages.

  • Wednesday: against human trafficking, especially where it is happening in Durban.

  • Thursday: for all who are unwell in our parish, especially those on our pew leaflet.

  • Friday: for all those who work at Diakonia, for all that they do for social justice.

  • Saturday: for our parish finances, giving thanks for those who have already made a special effort to raise money.

  • Sunday: for family members or friends who do not yet know Christ as their Saviour.