#MiddayPrayer Saturday 29 August 2020

MIke leads our prayer today. Please do pray for the president, for his wisdom, for his protection, for his resolve, and for refreshment.

Received via WhatsApp: Message from an intercessor in CT who is on the parliamentary intercessory link with Mogoeng Mogoeng and other excellent believers and intercessors in parliament. They were asked to pray urgently for Ramaphosa yesterday,( by people in the know,)who is coming under serious opposition in the cabinet + who are blocking him and want him to resign +to put Nkosazana Zuma in his place etc. THIS WOULD BE DISASTROUS FOR RSA. Do please come against these forces.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ I also want to add this: I see a picture of Ramaphosa, weary, like Moses who had to have his arms held up for the battle to be won. I believe it is the intercessors who need to hold up his arms by praying earnestly for him, for Righteousness to prevail and evil to be brought to nothing. As I am typing, I also feel we need to pray for there to be confusion in the enemyโ€™s ranks so that they destroy each other and that the Lord would fight this battle. Lord, I ask that you will hear the prayers of Your people, of the many in South Africa who have truly humbled themselves and prayed and repented and sought your face. You never lie and you have promised to heal our land if we do that. Read 2 Kings 18:14 – 19 and letโ€™s base our prayer pattern on that too.

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