St. Thomas’ Home Groups

Are on hold for now during the Lockdown. Meetings may continue using WhatsApp, Zoom or JitSi, at the mutual decision of the group.

Leader: Penny Isemonger   Thursday 3.00 pm   3 Colin Grove Berea  031-208-5951

Leader: Jack Mussett   Tuesday 7 pm   No. 4  360 Essenwood Rd.  031-208-5652

Leader: Brenda Acutt   Wednesday 7 pm   St. Thomas’ Church   082-4412753

Leader: Bev de Kock   Monday 9.30 am   St. Thomas’ Church   031-207-4561

Leader: Jane Manser   Wednesday 6.30 pm   3 Rouken Glen, Musgrave Rd.   031-309-2848

Leader: Robin Joubert   Wednesday 6 pm   3 Ruthleigh Drive, Westville   031-262-2658

Leader: Elaine Fourie   Tuesday 2 pm    St. Thomas’ Church   082-601-5241