What’s On

  BIRTHDAYS 23 – 29 JULY 2023

24th – Layelle Martin (JC),  25th – Bruce Hiddleston, 27th – Dominic Pudifin-Jones (JC),

28th – Norah Bowman & Barbara Strickland.


The ST THOMAS TEA GARDEN will be open on Saturday 29 July -9:30-11:30. Do join us for tea or coffee, something yummy to eat and fellowship. We function normally during Saturday load-shedding!

BALLROOM /LATIN SOCIAL: SAT. 29 July – 6.30 pm at St Thomas’. R70 p.p. Children under 15 free. Bring your own drinks & snacks. Free tea/coffee. Book with Babitha 084-5911-856. 

PRAISE PARTY: SUN. 6 August – 6 pm at St Thomas’.  Please invite all students and scholars to join you!

M.O.S.T. ~ Thank you for your on-going support for ST MARTIN’S CHILDREN’S HOME. All donations are gratefully received. At the top of the current wish list is PASTA (spaghetti or macaroni) and MILO and SHIELD DEODORANT roll-ons for the teenage boys and girls. Thank you and God bless you.