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AND Pastoral Letters

22 March 2020

As the number of confirmed CoVid-19  cases increases in South Africa I urge you, please do not panic, do not lose hope. Here is an excellent opportunity to practice Jesus teaching about putting the needs of others before your own.

I am sorry to have to tell you that ALL church services have been suspended across the Natal Diocese with effect from Monday 23 March.  This will be in place until at least 14 April when the government and the Church leadership evaluate the situation.

Spiritual input WILL CONTINUE however, from St. Thomas in the following ways:

  1. Homilies will be published on the St Thomas Facebook page, our Web page, by email and on WhatsApp. This includes Wednesdays. Sundays, Maundy Thursday and Go(o)d Friday.
  2. I will try several different methods to broadcast services in which we receive Spiritual Communion, and as Facebook is the most popular platform, I will start here.

May the Lord bless you richly as you keep hope alive.

20 and 27 May

I have a dream!  I dream of a St. Thomas’ Church that has been restored to all its glory so that it can be a beacon, not only by the light that Jesus pours into us, and through us into the Berea, but also by being an historical building that still draws the eye of passers-by.

My dream entails repairing and restoring the church building, inside and out, so that each one of us who calls St. Thomas home can be proud of its appearance.  Imagine a church in which the floors are not full of holes, where the paint is not peeling on walls, and where the stained-glass windows are not threatening to collapse.  Imagine a church in which the seats we sit on are comfortable and not about to collapse.

In order to achieve this dream we need to work together to make this happen.  As noted in the pew leaflet, there is a slot in the MOST box now allocated to Church Restoration.  I hope to provide envelopes in due course so that when you make a donation (as large or small as you wish) you can allocate this to a specific project.  I thank the family who has provided for the security upgrades and also for the resurfacing of St. Thomas ave.  Together we can make this happen

Have an Awesome God week

18 February

Today is the first feast day of Lent, in other words, you are permitted to forget, for the day only, what your spiritual discipline is for Lent.  Tomorrow, and through to Saturday, your Lenten observance should continue.

On Wednesday I suggested that we, as a parish, take up a communal discipline and pray for ten minutes each day at noon, spending thee time praying for our country (for change in our country that will benefit the people who are not me) and repenting, corporately, for what we, as South Africans, have done to our country and the people in our country.

This type of fast, one that is not focussed on self, is pleasing to our Lord.  We only need to look at how our prayers have been answered already.  On Wednesday night Mr Zuma resigned as president, and here was rain in the Western Cape.  I urge you, as part of the St. Thomas family, to continue with this discipline during Lent – to pray for our country, and to confess the sins of the country.  All I ask is 10 minutes at midday (use your phone to remind you!) for the time of Lent.

Hoping to see you on Wednesday at 10:45 or at 19:00 for our Lent course – The Wondrous Cross, where we look at Reconciliation.

May God use you as a blessing through this week.