Prayer Requests


Among those who are ill, we pray especially for:

Norah Bowman, Nokuthula Cele, Cathy Chambers, Maureen Cleaver, Cameron Coetzee,   Allan Eathorne, Joan Houseman, Susan Hulme, Radha Isaacs, June Morrow, Molly Murphy, Patricia Rudden, Diane Sampson, Colin Silcock, Loela Slade, Gillian Taylor


INTERCESSIONS ~ Please pray for:

  • Monday: Give thanks for safety in God’s limitless love and pray for those who are fearful during this unprecedented time of “lockdown”.

  • Tuesday: Give thanks for God’s promise of an abundant life and pray for courage for those facing challenges.

  • Wednesday: Give thanks for God’s faithfulness and pray for all to recognize the power of fervent prayer.

  • Thursday: Give thanks for God’s care for our well-being and pray for those less fortunate than ourselves.

  • Friday: Give thanks to God for friendship and pray that we all be helpful to one another.

  • Saturday: Give thanks for those who have gone before us and pray for God’s strength and comfort for those who mourn.

  • Sunday: Give thanks daily for blessings received.

Prayers related to COVID-19, from the Archbishop’s office

God bless the world,
Give it wisdom at this time,
Grant us relief and release,
Be with those who are ill,
And bless the carers fighting this pandemic,
For Jesus Christ’s sake, Amen

You can also end your worship, at home or in services in countries where they can still be held, with the prayer that I shared with you last week:

Lord God, in this season of fear and uncertainty,
as we face the threat of the coronavirus,
Grant us the wisdom and determination to walk in one another’s shoes,
The confidence and the humility to draw closer to you and to those affected, Empower us to pastor those who are ill, to weep for the dead, to support the healers and to care for and love one another.
And the blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be with us all, now and always. Amen