The Lord’s table is open to all who love Jesus and who have been baptised.  Children may receive communion with parents’ assistance and supervision until such time as they have attended an Entrance into Communion Course run at our Sunday School.


Baptisms are conducted as part of a public service as those being baptised are being baptised into the family of God.  Baptisms take place after an interview and training and a rehearsal with the priest leading the service. Applications for baptism (APPLICATION FOR HOLY BAPTISM) are to be given to the appropriate priest or handed in at the office (or emailed to the office).


Marriages are preferably conducted in our lovely church.  An interview with your priest is required as is the completion of an appropriate Marriage Preparation Course, which runs for at least six weeks.  A service planning meeting will also be required.  If you’d like to be married at St. Thomas, please complete the following (APPLICATION for MARRIAGE) and hand it in or email it to the office.